Questions and Answers


Q. I can't log in or purchase, the system says I am 'Inactive', how do I fix this?

A. When you created an account the system generate a verification Email required to activate the account. This Email may have gotten caught in your SPAM/Junk folder or been blocked by your organization. Check the SPAM/Junk folders for the Email and follow the instructions. If you can't find the Email no worries, just Email support and we will manually activate your account.

Q. Things look different and I can't sign on. What is new?

A. on March 1, 2024 the new VLC training server came online. It is separate from the previous one. If you purchased and started training before March 1, 2024 you will need to continue your training on the previous server or contact support for assistance.

Q. How is the training structured?

A. The online training is broken into sequential sections, each also containing a multiple choice test at the end of each section.

The online content is also provided in downloadable PDF files if the student finds it easier.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Credit cards and Check payments are accepted.

For check payments please contact VLC Support or Sales for assistance since this is not an automated process.

Q. I signed up a while ago and now I want to purchase a training course but it doesn't recognize me, what when wrong?

A. Make sure your credentials are correct or perhaps change your password. Another thing to keep in mind, you have two weeks after signing up to make your first purchase, if not the account will automatically be removed after 30 days.

If this is the case, simply sign up again and purchase the course you want. After that your student account will remain going forward

Q. How much time do I have to complete the course ?

A. You have 120 days from the time you start training to complete the training course. After 120 days the course will be unavailable to you.

Q. Can I get an extension to complete ?

A. Unfortunately the system is locked into 120 day completion. We understand that sometimes 'Life' happens and if issues arise email support and we will try to work something out.

Q. How do I enroll in a course?

A. Once you select and purchase the training course you will automatically be enrolled.

The only exception is if you are part of a group or check purchase which requires manual intervention in which case VLC Support will assist.

Q. How do I get my completion certificate?

A. The training will lead you sequentially through the individual material sections including tests. Once you complete all sections including course survey, the completion certificate will be displayed and automatically downloaded in PDF format.

Contact support with any issues or concerns.


Q. Are there any discounts available?

A. Yes. If you are a TML member there are coupon codes available on their website. Also if a purchase is made for multiple (more than 2) there are price breaks available.

Contact VLC Sales for more information and assistance

Q. Are the PFIA courses approved for continuing education credits.

A. Yes, the PFIA course are approved for continuing education credits  by:

  • Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA)

  • Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation  (TDLR).

CPE Sponsor #'s are displayed on the Completion Certificate.

Q. How do I get the TDLR credits for the PFIA training?

A. During the end of month close out we gather the TDLR info (Name and TDLR #) from the course completions surveys and submit for credits.

If you need credit submission done earlier send and Email to

Q. Do I need to re-register when I return to re-certify?

A. No, once you have created a student account it will remain.

When you return for re-certification you will just need to sign-in and purchase the latest iteration of the course you need.